Pedro Astacio – His New York Mets Career 2002,2003

pedro-astacioThe New York Mets signed righthanded pitcher Pedro Astacio as a free agent before the 2002 season.  Prior to joining the Mets Astacio had pitched 10 seasons and won 103 games.

He made his Met debut on April 5 against the Atlanta Braves, he pitched 6 2/3 innings and earned the win. Astacio was the Mets best pitcher during the first half of the 2002 season posting an 11-4 record over his first 22 starts.  But fatigue and arm injuries took over in the second half of the season and Astacio went just 1-7 during his final 9 starts.  He finished the season with a 12-11 record and 4.79 ERA.

Astacio returned for the 2003 season but was placed on the disabled list after just 7 starts.  At the time his record was 3-2 but his ERA was an astronomical 7.36

Following the season the Mets let Astacio walk as a free agent and he signed with the Boston Red Sox.  In 38 starts for the Mets Pedro won 15 games while losing 13 and posted a 5.20 earned run average.

While with the Mets Astacio wore number 34.

Pedro Astacio also played for the following teams:
Los Angeles Dodgers – 1992-1997
Colorado Rockies – 1997-2001
Houston Astros – 2001
Boston Red Sox – 2004
Texas Rangers – 2005
San Diego Padres – 2005
Washington Nationals – 2006

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