Bill Almon – His New York Mets Career 1980,1987

bill-almonBill Almon was drafted # 1 overall by the San Diego Padres in 1974 and had a solid Major League career, just not with the Mets. He had two stints with them neither of which were memorable.

The Mets initially signed Almon as a free agent on July 11, 1980. He made his Mets debut the same day as a pinch runner and would finish out the season playing in 48 games mainly as a utility infielder. However he failed to get off the interstate hitting just .170

The Mets released him during the off-season and he would go on to play for the White Sox, A’s and Pirates before returning in 1987.

The Mets reacquired Almon on May 29, 1987 from the Pittsburgh Pirates in exchange for Al Pedrique and Scott Little. Almon’s second stint with the Mets was much like his first with just a slightly better batting average. This time around Almon hit .241 in 49 games.

The Mets parted ways with Almon in the off-season trading him to the Phillies for Shawon Barton and Vladimir Perez.

In 97 games for the Mets Bill Almon hit .193 with 8 runs batted in.

While with the Mets Almon wore number 25 in 1980 and number 2 in 1987.

Bill Almon also played for the following teams:
San Diego Padres – 1974-1978
Montreal Expos – 1980
Chicago White Sox – 1981,1982
Oakland A’s – 1983,1984
Pittsburgh Pirates – 1985-1987
Philadelphia Phillies – 1988


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