Danny Graves – His New York Mets Career 2005

Danny GraveDanny Graves was a former All-Star closer with the Cincinnati Reds, but when he struggled at the beginning of the 2005 season the Reds released him.  In need of bullpen help the Mets gave him a shot and signed him as a free agent on June 11.

Graves made his Mets debut on June 14, pitching an inning of scoreless relief against the Oakland A’s.  But the change of scenery did not exactly rejuvenate his career.  Graves would appear in 20 games as a middle reliever for the Mets and posted 5.75 ERA in 20 1/3 innings.  He did not have any decisions and did not save any games while with the Mets. He also was briefly sent to the minors during his stint with the Mets

Following the season Graves signed with the Cleveland Indians.

As a bit of trivia, Danny Graves is the only player in baseball history who was born in Viet Nam.  His father was a member of the US military and his mother was a Viet Namese national.

While with the Mets Graves wore number 32.

Danny Graves also played for the following teams:
Cleveland Indians – 1996,1997,2006
Cincinnati Reds – 1997-2005

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