Doc Medich – His New York Mets Career 1977

Doc MedichWith two weeks left in the 1977 season the Mets were in desperate need of starting pitching and picked up Doc Medich off waivers from the Seattle Mariners. The right-handed pitcher would make one start for the Mets on September 29 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Medich pitched effectively for seven innings allowing 3 runs and 6 hits. But it was not enough as the Mets managed only 2 runs and Medich suffered the loss.

Medich signed with the Texas Rangers following the season ending his brief Mets career.

While with the Mets Medich wore number 22

Doc Medich also played for the following teams:
New York Yankees – 1972-1975
Pittsburgh Pirates – 1976
Seattle Mariners – 1977
Oakland A’s – 1977
Texas Rangers – 1978-1982
Milwaukee Brewers – 1982

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